Tricia Kiley

Credentials: Molecular genetics and biochemistry of oxygen regulated gene expression and transcription activation

Position title: Department Chair & professor

Anjon (Jon) Audhya

Credentials: Regulation of membrane transport during development and disease

Position title: Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Basic Research, Biotechnology, and Graduate Studies, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

David A. Brow

Credentials: RNA biology and gene expression in eukaryotes

Position title: Professor

Joshua J. Coon

Credentials: Bioanalytical chemistry, mass spectrometry and proteomics

Position title: Professor

Gheorghe Craciun

Credentials: Mathematical and computational methods in biology

Position title: Professor (also Professor of Mathematics)

John M. Denu

Credentials: Mechanisms of chromatin dynamics, epigenetic, metabolism and signaling

Position title: Professor (also Epigenetics Theme Leader, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery)

Feyza Engin

Credentials: Cellular stress responses, organelle dysfunction and interaction, beta cell function and survival, diabetes

Position title: Associate Professor (also Medicine)

Catherine A. Fox

Credentials: Conservation and diversity in mechanisms that control the inheritance and expression of eukaryotic chromosomes

Position title: Professor

Melissa M. Harrison

Credentials: Transcriptional regulation during development

Position title: Professor

Gaelen Hess

Credentials: High-throughput functional genomics to investigate DNA repair and pathogenic effectors

Position title: Assistant Professor

Christina M. Hull

Credentials: Human fungal pathogen development and pathogenesis

Position title: Professor (also Professor of Medical Microbiology & Immunology)

James L. Keck

Credentials: Structural mechanisms of genome maintenance

Position title: Professor

Peter W. Lewis

Credentials: Mechanisms of chromatin assembly, gene silencing, and epigenetic inheritance

Position title: Associate Professor

Andrea A. Putnam

Credentials: Function and regulation of RNA condensates in development

Position title: Assistant Professor (also Center for Quantitative Cell Imaging)

Michael D. Sheets

Credentials: RNA regulation of cell fate and function

Position title: Professor

Affiliate Faculty

Zachary Campbell

Credentials: mRNA control in pain

Position title: Associate Professor - Department of Anesthesiology

Jane Churpek

Credentials: Rare inherited genetics in cancer initiation

Position title: Associate Professor - Department of Medicine

Andrea Galmozzi

Credentials: Intracellular trafficking of signaling metabolites

Position title: Assistant Professor - Department of Medicine

Matthew J. Merrins

Credentials: Metabolic regulation of insulin secretion in aging, obesity, and diabetes

Position title: Associate Professor - Department of Medicine

Brad Schwartz

Position title: Professor (also CEO, Morgridge Institute for Research)

Emeritus Faculty

James Dahlberg

Position title: Professor Emeritus

Robert H. Fillingame

Position title: Professor Emeritus

Deane F. Mosher

Credentials: Extracellular matrix; cell adhesion

Position title: Professor (also Medicine)