Cell Biology and Metabolism

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A fundamental property of all cells is the ability to sense changing nutritional conditions, integrate complex metabolic pathways, and initiate appropriate cellular responses. Metabolism and cell biology are at the core of this response, and our faculty members are capitalizing on recent advances in metabolomics and other “omics”and high resolution microscopy technologies to understand how organelles, cells, and whole organisms survive and proliferate across diverse biological systems as well as to understand the pathogenesis of several diseases.
Relevant Labs: Audhya, Denu, Engin, Hull, Merrins, Mosher

John M. Denu

Professor (Also Epigenetics Theme Leader, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery)


Feyza Engin

Assistant Professor (also Medicine)


Christina M. Hull

Professor (also Medical Microbiology & Immunology)


Matthew J. Merrins

Assistant Professor (also Medicine)