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Welcome to the Department of Biomolecular Chemistry!

For over 90 years, the Department of Biomolecular Chemistry in the School of Medicine and Public Health has excelled in research, teaching and service. Located in the vibrant and contemporary Hector F. DeLuca Biochemical Sciences Complex on Henry Mall, our research programs are at the forefront of biochemical research, integrating fundamental molecular mechanisms with human disease. Our key strengths in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genomics and Development make us a nexus for collaborative studies between basic scientists and clinicians. The environment is highly interdisciplinary, not only within our department but across the entire UW-Madison campus. Please browse the following pages to find out more about our latest news, the ongoing research of our talented faculty, information about our exceptional graduate students and PhD program (Integrated Program in Biochemistry), alumni support opportunities, and contact information for any questions you might have. We invite you to stop by to tour our outstanding facilities and meet our faculty, staff and students.

Feyza Engin, an assistant professor of Biomolecular Chemistry, was awarded a 2018 Pilot Award from the UW Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (ICTR).  This year ICTR granted 22 awards totaling $1.6 million for the 2018 Pilot Awards Program competition. These pilot projects focus on research likely to lead to a direct impact on human health and that span the entire clinical and translational research spectrum.  The title of Dr. Engin’s successful proposal was “Pharmacological Modulation of ErbB Signaling to Prevent Type1 Diabetes”.  From her studies of Type 1 Diabetes, she hopes to identify relevant molecular mechanisms and targets, and develop novel therapeutic approaches against this disease.

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  • Events...

    Mon Oct 22: Biochemistry Colloquium

    Dr. Gloria Brar, UC-Berkeley
    “Pervasive, coordinator protein-level changes are driven by transcript toggling”
    3:30 PM, 1211 Biochemical Sciences

    Mon Oct 29: Biochemistry Colloquium

    Dr. Greg Bowman, Washington University
    “Identifying and exploiting protein shape-shifting”
    3:30 PM, 1211 Biochemical Sciences

    Fri Nov 2: IPiB Student Seminar

    Andy Voter, Keck Lab
    “Mechanisms of G-quadruplex unwinding and repair”
    12:00 PM, 175 Biochemistry, Khorana Auditorium

    Fri Nov 9: IPiB Student Seminar

    Kasia Dubiel, Keck Lab
    “Structural mechanisms of cooperative DNA binding by bacterial single-stranded DNA-binding proteins”
    12:00 PM, 175 Biochemistry, Khorana Auditorium

  • BMC In the News...

    Coon Recipient of HUPO Award

    Professor of Biomolecular Chemistry Josh Coon has been awarded a HUPO by the Human Proteome Organization in recognition of outstanding effort and achievement in the field of proteomics. Press release here. 06 Sept, 2018

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