Gheorghe Craciun

Position title: Professor (also Mathematics)


Phone: (608) 265-3391

Gheorghe Craciun

• B.S. 1994, University of Bucharest, Romania
• Ph.D. 2002, Ohio State University (Martin Feinberg)
• Postdoctoral 2002-05, Ohio State University (Avner Friedman)

Honors & Awards

• Sigma Xi Certificate of Distinction for Outstanding Research Scholarship, 2001
• NSF Mathematical Biosciences Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2002
• 1st prize, Biocomplexity VII Conference, 2005
• Vilas Associates Award, 2013

Research Interests

Normal cell function is based in large part on the operation of modules consisting of complex networks of biochemical reactions. I am interested in mathematical and computational methods for understanding dynamical properties of biochemical networks, such as gene regulatory networks, signaling pathways, and metabolic networks. For example, I am working on designing algorithms that allow us to relate the topological structure of a biochemical network and its dynamical properties, such as its capacity to exhibit bistability and oscillations, or its sensitivity to noise and other stochastic properties.

In particular, I am considering mathematical and computational models of: cell division and apoptosis, intracellular transport using motor proteins, electrical signals that allow for intercellular communication, and the action of regulatory molecules that are present at very low levels per cell. I am also working on designing algorithms for de novo sequencing of peptides using mass spectrometry data.

Publications of Note

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