Chromosome Biology and Gene Expression

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A mechanistic understanding of the interconnected roles that chromosome structure, chromatin and gene expression play in cell identity and proliferation is critical to multiple areas in basic biology and biomedicine. With the advances in next generation sequencing (NGS) and proteomics technologies, these fundamental issues can now be probed at a breadth and depth unimaginable even ten years ago. Several research programs in the department address important issues in chromosome structure, duplication and gene expression in a variety of model systems exploiting both cutting-edge NGS and proteomics approaches as well as classical microbiological, genetic, and molecular methods.

Relevant Labs: Brow, Dvinge, Hull, Kiley, Lewis, Fox, Denu, Keck, Harrison, Sheets

John M. Denu

Professor (Also Epigenetics Theme Leader, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery)

Christina M. Hull

Professor (also Medical Microbiology & Immunology)

James L. Keck

Professor; also Associate Dean for Basic Sciences, UW SMPH