1921 Harold C. Bradley founded the Department of Physiological Chemistry and became its first Chair.
 1924 First Ph.D. in the Department of Physiological Chemistry is awarded to Alrick Brynhjolf Hertzman.
 1932 Marian Esther Stark is the first woman to receive a Ph.D. in the Department of Physiological Chemistry.
 1942 The author of the definitive series Principles in Biochemistry, Albert L. Lehninger, receives his Ph.D. in Physiological Chemistry from UW-Madison.
 1947 Philip P. Cohen succeeds Dr. Bradley as Chair.
 1975 Harry J. Karavolas becomes Chair of the Department.
 1979 Elizabeth A. Craig becomes the first female faculty member hired in Physiological Chemistry.
 1991 The department name is changed from Physiological to Biomolecular Chemistry.
 1996 Elizabeth Craig assumes the position of Chair of the department.
 2002 Robert H. Fillingame becomes Chair.
 2012 Biomolecular Chemistry moves into a new $112 million state of the art research complex (Biochemical Sciences) on Henry Mall.
 2013 Patricia J. Kiley becomes Chair.