Developmental Biology

test tube

During development, cells divide and differentiate ultimately giving rise to the complex set of tissues that comprise the adult organism. This is a highly regulated process that when not properly executed can lead to diseases, such as cancer, and to birth defects. Our faculty exploit a variety of model organisms and cell-based systems to answer fundamental questions about the mechanisms of development and apply this knowledge to understanding disease pathologies.

Relevant Labs: Audhya, Harrison, Hull, Lewis, Sheets.

Jon Audhya

Credentials: Regulation of membrane transport during development and disease

Position title: Professor and Assoc. Dean for Basic Research


Melissa M. Harrison

Credentials: Transcriptional regulation during development

Position title: Associate Professor


Christina M. Hull

Credentials: Human fungal pathogen development and pathogenesis

Position title: Professor (also Professor of Medical Microbiology & Immunology)


Peter W. Lewis

Credentials: Chromatin dynamics in cancer

Position title: Associate Professor


Michael D. Sheets

Credentials: RNA regulation of cell fate and function

Position title: Professor