Peter Lewis awarded a H.I. Romnes Faculty Fellowship!

Eighteen UW- Madison faculty have been honored with the H.I. Romnes Fellowships to recognize faculty with exceptional research contributions across the university within their first six years from promotion to a tenured position. The award is named in recognition of the late WARF trustees president H.I. Romnes and comes with $60,000 that may be spent over five years.

BMC faculty member Peter Lewis was nominated for his investigations into the intricate biochemical mechanisms responsible for establishment and maintenance of epigenetic information, which is important for cellular identity, and the prevention of developmental defects and tumor growth.

The awards are possible due to the research efforts of UW–Madison faculty and staff. Technology that arises from these efforts is licensed by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation and the income from successful licenses is returned to the OVCRGE, where it’s used to fund research activities and awards throughout the divisions on campus.

Congrats Peter!