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Anjon (Jon) Audhya

Regulation of membrane transport during development and disease

Professor and Senior Associate Dean for Basic Research, Biotechnology, and Graduate Studies, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

David A. Brow

RNA biology and gene expression in eukaryotes


Joshua J. Coon

Bioanalytical chemistry, mass spectrometry and proteomics


Gheorghe Craciun

Mathematical and computational methods in biology

Professor (also Professor of Mathematics)

John M. Denu

Mechanisms of chromatin dynamics, epigenetic, metabolism and signaling

Professor (also Epigenetics Theme Leader, Wisconsin Institute for Discovery)

Feyza Engin

Cellular stress responses, organelle dysfunction and interaction, beta cell function and survival, diabetes

Associate Professor (also Medicine)

Catherine A. Fox

Conservation and diversity in mechanisms that control the inheritance and expression of eukaryotic chromosomes


Melissa M. Harrison

Transcriptional regulation during development

Associate Professor

Gaelen Hess

High-throughput functional genomics to investigate DNA repair and pathogenic effectors

Assistant Professor

Christina M. Hull

Human fungal pathogen development and pathogenesis

Professor (also Professor of Medical Microbiology & Immunology)

James L. Keck

Structural mechanisms of genome maintenance


Tricia Kiley

Molecular genetics and biochemistry of oxygen regulated gene expression and transcription activation

Professor and Chair

Peter W. Lewis

Mechanisms of chromatin assembly, gene silencing, and epigenetic inheritance

Associate Professor

Matthew J. Merrins

Associate Professor (also Medicine)

Deane F. Mosher

Extracellular matrix; cell adhesion

Professor (also Medicine)

Andrea Putnam


Assistant Professor

Michael D. Sheets

RNA regulation of cell fate and function


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Affiliate Faculty

Zachary Campbell

Position title: Visiting Associate Professor - Department of Anesthesiology

Jane Churpek

Position title: Assistant Professor

Andrea Galmozzi

Credentials: Intracellular trafficking of signaling metabolites

Position title: Assistant Professor

Matthew J. Merrins

Position title: Associate Professor (also Medicine)