Expectations of Faculty and Staff

At the University of Wisconsin- Madison Biomolecular Chemistry Department, we believe faculty and staff should demonstrate an understanding that diversity has many dimensions (e.g., ethnic, socioeconomic, racial, gender, sexual orientation, disability, cultural differences, etc.) and that individuals have unique experiences given their intersectionality along these dimensions.  Faculty and staff are encouraged to vocalize that antiracism practices requires consistent and long-term growth, reflection, and engagement (and that they are prepared to put in this work). Faculty and staff must also demonstrate strong leadership role in past groups/projects that support underrepresented students at various levels (e.g., undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral). They must also demonstrate evidence  of how they have updated their syllabus, teaching approach, course curriculum, etc. to enhance representation and retention of underrepresented groups. Faculty and staff are also encouraged to identify continued commitment towards evaluating and assessing inclusive teaching practices and offers suggestions on how.

We expect all faculty and staff to demonstrate a clear knowledge of, experience with, and interest in dimensions of diversity that result from different identities, such as ethnic, socioeconomic, racial, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and cultural differences. This understanding can result from personal experiences as well as an investment in learning about the experiences of those with identities different from their own.

Faculty and staff must also be aware of demographic data related to diversity in higher education and discuss the underrepresentation of many groups and the consequences for higher education or for the discipline.

Faculty and staff should demonstrate a relative comfort  discussing diversity-related issues (including distinctions and connections between diversity, equity, and inclusion), both in writing, and in a job talk session and one-on-one meetings with students, staff, and faculty.They must understands the challenges faced by underrepresented individuals, and the need for all students and faculty to work to identify and eliminate barriers to their full and equitable participation and advancement.

Discusses diversity, equity, and inclusion as core values that every faculty member should actively contribute to advancing.

  • Promote shared values of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Engage School of Medicine and Public Health leadership in diversity and inclusion through professional development and communication
  • Secure our future through recruiting and retaining a diverse group of students, post graduate learners, faculty, and staff
  • Improve the coordination and communication of school and campus diversity planning

Expectations of Students

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison Biomolecular Chemistry Department, we believe that students also have a role in encouraging and sustaining an inclusive campus culture. Students are encouraged to learn about other groups and cultures—whether through readings or other means—to increase awareness of student needs and of problematic assumptions about other groups.

Students are expected to treat all others in our community with compassion. Students must also show integrity and accountability in order to help foster a diverse, inclusive academic community. We believe our job is to strive for excellence while doing what is best for the communities we serve.