Cell Biology and Metabolism

A fundamental property of all cells is the ability to sense changing nutritional conditions, integrate complex metabolic pathways, and initiate appropriate cellular responses. Metabolism and cell biology are at the core of this response, and our faculty members are capitalizing on recent advances in metabolomics and other “omics"and high resolution microscopy technologies to understand how organelles, cells, and whole organisms survive and proliferate across diverse biological systems as well as to understand the pathogenesis of several diseases.

Relevant Labs: Audhya, Denu, Engin, Hull, Merrins, Mosher

Jon Audhya Head Shot

Jon Audhya

Associate Professor

(608) 262-3761

Understanding the fundamental mechanisms by which membrane proteins, lipids, and other macro molecules are transported throughout eukaryotic cells.

Joshua J. Coon Headshot

Joshua J. Coon


(608) 263-1718

Bioanalytical Chemistry, Mass Spectrometry & Proteomics.

John M. Denu Headshot

John M. Denu


(608) 316-4341

Mechanism and biological function of reversible protein modifications involved in modulating signal transduction, metabolic regulation and chromatin dynamics.

Feyza Engin Headshot

Feyza Engin

Assistant Professor

(608) 262-8667

The role of organelle stress and adaptive responses in pathogenesis of metabolic and autoimmune disorders.

Christina M. Hull

Christina M. Hull


(608) 265-5441

Transcriptional networks in fungal development; pathogenic spore biology and host-pathogen interactions.

Matthew Merrins

Matthew J. Merrins

Assistant Professor

(608) 256-1901 x12848

Biomolecular Folding & Interactions
Membrane Dynamics & Proteins
Metabolism & Endocrinology

Deane F. Mosher

Deane F. Mosher


(608) 262-1576

Cell Structure and Signaling
Molecular Medicine
Structural Biology