BMC 504 Course Information

Biomolecular Chemistry 504 is a two-credit biochemistry course including lab and discussions on basic principles of human biochemistry with an emphasis on modern biochemical techniques used professionally in research, clinical, and biotechnology laboratories.

Labs include exercises in protein purification and characterization, enzymology, metabolism, clinical chemistry, DNA cloning, PCR analysis and immunochemistry. This laboratory course requires a Biochemistry Lecture course such as 501, or 507/508, previous BMOLCHEM 503 or other acceptable biochemistry course taken previously or concurrently. This course is offered in the spring and summer semesters and fulfills the CALS capstone experience for Biology majors. If you are currently enrolled in the course, more information can be found at the Learn@UW site.

View the Biomolecular Chemistry 504 2014 and 2015 Descriptional Flyer here

Offered Spring Semester T and R and Summer M-R: Taught by Deane Mosher and/or Robert Fillingame (professors), Kathy Schlimgen, Valerie Holewinski, Gina Schuster.

504 Laboratory Schedule Spring 2015

504 Laboratory Schedule Summer 2014 (only 7 weeks!)