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NOTE: Course currently not being offered.

503 Spring 2014 Lecture Schedule

503 Spring 2014 Course Description Flyer

Biomolecular Chemistry 503 was a three credit biochemistry course last offered in Spring 2014 designed for students in the medical sciences. In addition to presenting basic biochemistry, this course gives emphasis to the medical and physiological implications of biochemistry and to human metabolism and its regulation. The course is taught on the assumption that you have mastered the basic concepts of prerequisite courses such as organic and general chemistry. Course was formerly taught in the Spring Semester M, W, F; Taught by John Denu, Christina Hull, Catherine Fox, Kathy Schlimgen, Valerie Holewinski and Graduate Assistants. (Catherine Fox Course Director.)

Biomolecular Chemistry 504 home page-click here to find our more information about the 504 laboratory; a great 2 credit lab that meets CALS capstone experience requirements for biology majors. Material covering 503 concepts. OFFERED SUMMER & SPRING!!!